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On October 13th 2007,
the new nature trail
“Terra Nostra I”, which follows the same route as the “Klobunzele” nature trail for children,
was officially opened.

Together, they provide a fascinating new attraction for visitors to Marktoberdorf. 

The preparations covered a long period of hard work. The work was begun by Herbert Eigler and Peter Heidrich
more than a year before and in March 2007, the team was joined by Ursula Preiß.

Planning team:

- Herbert Eigler (local historian)
- Peter Heidrich (geologist)
- Ursula Preiß (student, who chose to write her degree dissertation on the creation of the nature trail)
- many others, all of them specialists in a variety of different subjects, added their expertise to the team as
   and when necessary and helped put the whole project together.

The first question was: who should the trail be for - children or adults?

The solution was to create two trails, one for adults (Terra Nostra) and one for children (Klobunzele – Trail)

That is what is special about the trails: two different trails following the same route.
This means that adults and children can follow different trails but still stay together.

“Terra Nostra I” is a nature trail which provides information which is of special historical and geological interest
(e.g. glacial ground moraines, the history of the village of Kohlhunden, history of the Ettwieser lake)

“Klobunzele – Trail” is a nature and adventure trail for children. The „Klobunzele“ mascot accompanies the children on their journey, explains topics using simple texts which children can understand, suggests activities fort the children (e.g. path of the senses at the Kindle chapel) and asks a series of questions in the form of a quiz, where the children can win a small prize!


Table showing the stages along the two paths:                                                             The Klobunzele


Terra Nostra Nature Trail

Klobunzele Trail


The Kuhstall lake

At the Kuhstall lake


Roman sundial

The sundial


Glacial ground moraines

Glaciers and moraines


Ambassau – Paulin Probst

The devil’s oak


Ettwieser lake

At the Ettwieser lake



In the quarry


The Kindle pilgrim chapel

At the Kindle


The sounds of the forest

The sounds of the forest


Ecological balance

The ecological see-saw



The spider’s web



At the forest edge

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